Using Online Social Media to Support Preservice Student Engagement

Rutherford (2010). Using Online Social Media to Support Preservice Student Engagement. Journal of Online Learning & Teaching, 6(4).
ABSTRACT: The proliferation of popular social media resources, which can be accessed from laptops and mobile devices during class as well as before and after, has become a pervasive force in the lives of today’s students. Consequently, it is imperative that the higher education community begin to examine how the use of these resources can affect student engagement. The results of this study indicate that there is a positive correlation between student use of a variety of social media resources and how students perceive their relationships with their fellow students and instructors as well as how they describe the overall quality of their educational experience. Read the full article.

Social media as a research tool

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Social media as a research tool

Social Media Lure Academics Frustrated by Journals
Excerpt from the Chronicle of Higher Ed article by Jennifer Howard:
Social media have become serious academic tools for many scholars, who use them for collaborative writing, conferencing, sharing images, and other research-related activities. So says a study just posted online called "Social Media and Research Workflow." Among its findings: Social scientists are now more likely to use social-media tools in their research than are their counterparts in the biological sciences. And researchers prefer popular applications like Twitter to those made for academic users. Read more.