The Transformative Power of Technology

From the list of things that will obsolete by 2020
This is actually one that could occur over the next five years. Education Schools have to realize that if they are to remain relevant, they are going to have to demand that 21st century tech integration be modeled by the very professors who are supposed to be preparing our teachers.
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Tech and Learning: At Odds in School, in Sync Everywhere Else
In most public schools, every student learns the same things at the same time. The teacher is the content expert and controls what students learn. Testing is standardized and students learn by absorbing information about a variety of subjects.

Compare this to the culture of technology and Web 2.0. Students learn what they want, when they want. They have total control of their learning paths. They become experts in subjects they’re interested in by using a world of resources to help them learn. And rather than learning by absorbing information, they learn by doing.
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