Using QR Codes to Provide Homework Assistance

A QR (quick response) code is a fast and easy way to access web content. Any smartphone with web access, a camera, and a QR code reader can use a QR code to quickly get to a specific website.

Sharing Google Docs with their lengthy URLs can be annoying. With QR codes you can point and click, no need to type at all.

A number of teachers have started sharing the ways they use QR codes in the classroom:

While the above blogs include a number of great ideas, I thought that QR codes could be a great way to provide homework assistance to students. Students often struggle to complete their homework when they don't have the teacher or someone to help them when they struggle with a specific question. Teachers could ensure that students have the necessary supports by providing a QR code that would link to a specific resource that could help students complete a task they were struggling with.

Here is an example:

4x=24, solve for x

If a student doesn't know how to solve this algebra problem they could use the above QR code to quickly access a video that highlights the steps to solve a similar problem. While this code leads to a Khan Academy video, teachers could link to videos, podcasts, screen captures, or pencasts that they created themselves.

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