Nice Try ClassDojo - But Go Back to the Drawing Board

Just checked out Class DoJo Seems to be another example of non-educators creating apps for education that seem like a good idea, but is wrought with problems. 

"ClassDojo works by setting up real-time feedback loops in the classroom, to recognize and reinforce specific, desirable behaviors, values and accomplishments. You can do this with just one click, and have real-time visual notifications appear on your smartboard, laptop or projector. All recognition is logged automatically, and student behavior records are automatically created and updated so you don't have to do any other data entry (unless you want to, of course!). ClassDojo automatically generates analytics, shareable character report cards and insight into your classroom that has never before been available."

While they emphasize the benefits of real-time visual feedback there is no ways students can see the online results if the teacher is using their SMART board, laptop, or projector to actually teach. 
They also highlight the benefit of being able to email or share the reports with students or parents. The problem is that most students will have a difficult time recalling what it is they did to acquire or lose points by the end of the day, let alone at the end of the week. 

Overall, I'm uncertain how they plan to make money or even why a teacher would try this out for free, but instead of being a negative Nelly I will make a couple of suggestions. 
  1. A widget that can be projected in a corner of your computer screen, may help to address the real time feedback issue. 
  2.  For the end of day/week reports to be meaningful, students need to be able to pair the feedback with what was taking place in the classroom at the time. A simple time log would not be enough (especially for students that can't tell time). Pairing the report log with the classroom schedule may help. Instead of a report that says a student was disruptive three times on Tuesday, being able to see that they were disruptive twice during reading, forgot their writing homework and but were helpful during science might reveal that their behaviour is being influenced by academic challenges. 
  3. For the app to be truly responsive and help students monitor their own behaviour there would also be an app on each students' mobile device, table, laptop that would privately notify the student when they were awarded or deducted points. Students could eventually award points to themselves as they become better at monitoring their own behaviour. 

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