Tech-enabled leadership: Using social media to enhance school leadership

Tech-Enabled Leadership vs. Tech-Savvy Leaders

While the ability to use social media can be of great benefit to the school leaders, it is imperative that these resources are used to support the essential leadership functions that affect student learning. It has become increasing popular to idolize principals that are tech savvy and showcase them as 21st century leaders. While principals that embrace the use of technology can be seen as role models, it is paramount that these social media resources are integrated into the daily practice of principals in ways that support student learning. Tech-savvy principals may be early technology adopters using the latest tech toys as part of their personal practice, but tech-enabled leaders know how to capitalize on the affordance of technology to enable leadership actions that are open, collaborative and distributed. 
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Rutherford, C. (2013). Tech-enabled leadership: Using social media to enhance school leadership.                    Canadian Association of Principals Journal.Fall 13-19.

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