Brief Flipped / Blended Learning Workshop: Resources

Flipped/Blended Learning Agenda

Setting the Stage

  1. Watch the video: Flipping the Classroom - Simply Speaking
  2. Review The Flipped Classroom Infographic by
  3. Review the Blended Learning Infographic
  4. Watch the video: Blended Learning and Technology Integration
  5. Reflect: What is the greatest benefit of the flipped/blended approach?

Core Learning

  1. Read two  flipped / blended articles. Take notes related to the benefits and challenges associated with the flipped/blended approach.

Apply New Learning 

  1. Small group discussion: What is the difference between the flipped and blended learning?
  2. Small group discussion: Debate whether the benefits of the flipped learning approach outweigh the challenges.
  3. Group discussion: Identify the potential benefits and challenges of implementing the flipped approach at your school.
  4. Review the new stories related to the flipped / blended approach in Ontario: Identify the tools and resources used in these examples.
  5. Identify the resources needed to implement the flipped approach at your school.

Reflect and Connect 

  1.  How will what you have learned affect your teaching?
  2. Are there elements of the flipped / blended approach that could use in your classroom this term/semester?

The Academic Benefits of Educators & Students Working with Startups

While it is obvious that EdTech startups have a lot to gain from working closely with educators, the benefits to the education community can be of great importance as well. Startups benefit from the educational insight educators provide and thus enhance the educational viability of their products. Students can benefit from the opportunity to fulfill written and oral communication expectations while engaging in authentic learning as they experiment with new products. Teachers may benefit from the chance to enhance their understanding of the available technological resources, while ensuring that future EdTech products successfully address their needs. Lastly, school leaders can also benefit from the opportunity to infuse a spirit of innovation into their school community.

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