Tech-Enabled Teacher Leaders

Tech-enabled leadership, that capitalizes on the affordance of social media, may be able to further enhance the distribution of leadership influence by significantly increasing the number of people who influence the knowledge, practice or motivation of organizational members.

Technology can serve to activate leadership influence by increasing the opportunities for organizational members to interact with each other. Despite the number of members that may be part of an organization or profession, busy schedules that limit in-person interactions, frequently contributed to professional isolation. Technological resources, that allow users to interact, collaborate and exchange ideas and resources without the need to be in the same location, at the same time, can be used to overcome some of the challenges of professional isolation. Social media resources that facilitate asynchronous discussions allow educators to interact even though they may have widely differing schedules.  

Tech-enabled teachers have the potential to redefine educational leadership and the role teachers play in supporting the success of their school and the profession.

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