Tech-Enabled Teacher Leaders: How technology is redistributing school leadership

Similar to the way technology is transforming classroom practice, the use of technology has begun to disrupt traditional notions of educational leadership. This disruption will cause the education community to reconsider not just how school leadership is enacted, but also the role teacher-leaders play. With the plethora of tech resources that are now available, individual educators can connect, collaborate and share with educators throughout their school, district and beyond. In this article, the author examines how tech-enabled teachers from across the country are using a variety of technological resources to redistribute educational leadership and enhance the role teachers play in supporting the success of their schools and their profession.

Rutherford (2016). Tech-Enabled Teacher Leaders: How technology is redistributing school leadership. Education Canada 56(1).

Tweet, Research and Curate

Using Social Media to Support Your Research Journey

Social Media can be a thriving digital habitat for finding your voice, curating your disciplinary interests, track cutting-edge research and seek out trail blazing professionals within your field. Learn practical strategies for management, engagement, reach and impact that just may turn a ‘mild’ interest into a ‘wild’ interest.

Presentation for the Brock Faculty of Graduate Studies Vitae Research Communication Skills series