2016 EdTech Internship Summary

The primary objective of the EdTech internship is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of the educational technology industry and educational entrepreneurship while applying their knowledge of educational research and theory to innovative technology products that seek to address the challenges of the 21st century classroom. 

This objective is achieved by providing interns with a field placement with EdTech companies that have an existing relationship with the Niagara Educational Research and Innovation Hub (ihub). 

Pairing EdTech entrepreneurs with interns that are pursuing a Masters degree in education provides these companies with the educational insight needed to ensure that their products address the needs of educational practitioners while also ensuring these products are informed by best practices and current educational research. 

For the 2016 session. MEd. student Rebecca Bunz worked with a startup creating an immersive, gamified immersive classroom platform, Answerables. Building on his experience as an ESL teacher, MEd student Keith Crawford worked with established industry leader, Strategic Transitions to support the development of resources to support second language learning.

A secondary goal of the internship is to support knowledge mobilization. As such, the interns are required to use a variety of social media resources to share their expertise and insight. Their blogs and Twitter accounts documents their experience throughout the internship while the culminating podcasts highlights their overall experience and understanding of working in the EdTech industry as well as their research pursuits and predictions for future EdTech products.

Rebecca Bunz: Twitter; Blog

Keith Crawford: Twitter; Blog